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CASINHA® Boutique Café is a restaurant + Coffeehouse + Lounge Bar + Traditional Products Store.

In CASINHA® Boutique Café we aim to recreate the concept of being at home: head to the kitchen-counter; choose the delicious products and decide: whether to stay or take away.

CASINHA® Boutique Café is a perfect balanced space, a stylish atmosphere, cozy and comforting in the truest sense of the word with unique architecture, design, decoration and furnishings. The space consists of Traditional Products Boutique, dining room, reading room and a terrace/garden with outdoor lounge area.

The products and menus are available all day within working schedule, focusing on customer needs in a quick, friendly, transparent and cosmopolitan way.

CASINHA® Boutique Café is the owner of branded products CASINHA® Boutique Café: Quiches, Pastries, muffins, handmade cookies, Cheesecakes, Apple Pie, Chocolate Cake, Brownies, Scones, homemade ice cream and coffee drinks.

You can also find the most amazing traditional products such as wine, olive oil, tea, preserves and jam whether to offer or enjoy in one of the interior spaces.

The CASINHA® Boutique Café boasts traditional products : wine, sparkling wine , champagne , olive oil , preserves, jams, tea and biscuits

CASINHA® Boutique Café, homemade moments. Looking forward to your visit!

Awards & Media Reviews

The CASINHA® Boutique Café is the winner of several national and international awards with various types of evaluation: free vote , Editor's choice or application with jurors. Awards to highlight : " Winner OPORTOCOOL 2012" , " Winner INNOVATION IN RESTORATION COTEC ," " Winner BEST NYC Cheesecake 2013," among others.